We are one of the biggest wind power plant operators and owners in Lithuania and Baltic States. We apply long term experience and modern technologies in implementation of renewable and alternative energy projects.


"Vėjų spektras" is one of the leading wind power plant operators and owners in Lithuania and Baltic States. Since 2003 we implement renewable and alternative energy related projects, applying long term experience and modern technologies.

We have implemented two major wind power plant projects in Lithuania, districts of Kretinga and Šilutė. Total value of the projects is 207 million litas, installed electrical power capacity reaches 50MW.

Wind energy is green energy, making little impact to the environment. We support and actively contribute to the strategic goal of the Republic of Lithuania: to have quarter of the electricity, consumed in the country, produced from renewable energy recourses until 2020.


"Vėjų spektras" starts development of wind turbine park in Šilutė district
"Vėjų spektras" started building wind turbine park that will have operational power of 21,8 MW in village of Didšiliai, Šilutė district. For this project, company is using German Enercon GmbH model E-82 wind power plants. Project is planned to be completed by the end of 2012.
"Vėjų spektras" sold their 30MW power wind turbine park
After receiving all the necessary permits and confirmations, on July 15th 2012 the agreement to sell 30 MW wind turbine park, belonging to JSC "Vėjų spektras" was finished. This park, located in Kretinga district, is operational since 2006. At the time it was the largest wind power plant park in the Baltic States and it continues to be one of the largest to this very day. Wind turbine park was bought by JSC "IRL WIND" which is associated with "INTER RAO Lithuania". "Vėjų spektras" is already planning the development of other wind energy projects.